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For all sporting event photography.

Sports photography is a huge passion to us at TWorld Studio Commercial Photographers!

Our roots began at the side of many sporting events from many equestrian events, jet ski shows, motor cross, football, rugby, motor racing , golf and more. From photographing sporting events this passion developed into a full time career and the birth of TWorld Studio Commercial Photographers. 

Capturing sports events is such a skill. Using the correct lenses, shutter speeds and composition and timing to freeze the action is an art form especially when the action can be at a fast pace. As a result clicking the shutter at the right time is what makes a great photograph and not just a snap shot.

If you are a sporting event organiser and need your event photographed by a professional commercial photographer who has a great understanding and furthermore has the skills to capture your event why not get in touch?

Prices are on request and are charged per assignment and client requirements. 

When quoting we take into consideration
Set up/down costs (if required)
Shoot times
(please note for every hour we shoot can equally match the time we have to edit)
Travel costs.

For a guideline to our rates please check out our Terms & Conditions  page

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