Creating your product images

Creating your product image using commercial photography.

So, you have just created this amazing product which has taken many months or even years to perfect.  Next step will be to market it.  You may know the “image” that you want to portray for your product. You may have consulted a modelling agency and they may have created that image for you – exciting times!

Now for the fun part, actually creating that “image”! This is where commercial photographers are so important. A good commercial photographer will meet with you and will begin to visualize that image that your company wants. It may be that the photographer using his knowledge and expertise will be able to enhance the original brief to further embellish the “image”.

 After the meeting and before the shoot the photographer will create a mood board. This is a set of looks that he will be using to help create the shots on the day. A commercial photography shoot is quite expensive so it is very important to get the best out of it and must be planned meticulously. Once the mood board has been approved by you, the client the photographer can move on to the next stage.

Apparel packshot photography in Tamworth

Packshot hazard garment photography staffordshire

Balloon pack shot taken in our photography studio in Lichfield Staffordshire

The Commercial team

This may include:

  • Model / Models – It is critical that the correct models are chosen for the shoot or it is doomed to fail. The commercial photographer must work closely with you in this regard to get the model with the right look. It is also important to employ professional models. They will know how to pose, the correct facial expressions etc. to look credible and professional in the image.
  • A stylist – The stylist will help the photographer to create that perfect shot especially on model and food shoots. They will source any garments, props and also furniture or backgrounds to perfect the look.
  • A professional make-up artist if models are involved. A professional make-up artist is highly trained and again will help elevate the quality of the images.
  • A photographic assistant who will help set up the various lights and equipment such as wind machines or smoke machines if required and supports the photographer.

The photographer will liaise with his team to book a date when everybody is available and the stylist will source the necessary props and or garments.

On the day of the shoot it is important that you, the client is present. You’ll see the images being created are what you envisaged and any necessary tweaks can be made during the day. The photographs produced on the day are only a starting point.

Post processing

The images from the shoot can be further enhanced after shooting using software such as Photoshop. Although the images from camera are of a high standard, Photoshop can be used to create a specific look.

Tworld  Studio Commercial Photographers

Here at Tworld commercial photographers we have many years’ experience shooting commercial photography. We have worked with many satisfied clients over the years to produce amazing looks for them. We have a great team here we can call upon to get the best results for you.


So if you have a commercial project you want shooting, get in touch!