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Do you need a Fashion Photographer- why us?

Firstly, TWorld Studio Commercial Photographers are proud to offer a variety of fashion photographer services. Due to our fashion photography experience and ability we can provide great, highly creative images. Working as a fashion photographer for our clients, our work has  been used for  look books, catalogues, catwalk shows, hair shows, websites and marketing materials etc. Furthermore, we have many years expertise and experience was a commercial working fashion photographer for lifestyle photos, e-commerce on white background or editorial styles. As a result this enables us to provide the right commercial fashion and apparel photography for your garments and products.

Styles of photography we offer are:-

  • Fashion photography
    Streetware photography
    Clothing product photography
    Apparel photoshoot
    Fashion editorial shoot
    Fashion photography
    Garment photoshoots
    Flat Lays or ghost mannequin 
    Model shoots.

    From the brief, delivering your concept, styling and editing we can offer all this in house. 

Based in our fashion photography studio in Lichfield. Which is conveniently near Birmingham. But we also offer our fashion photography photo shoots on location and have also worked in Portugal, Malta, Spain and France. 

  What is the best way for a fashion photographer to photograph clothing?

If you are a designer and have created your collection you are probably going to have questions in your mind. Firstly what is the best way to photograph my clothing look book collection?

In all honesty this is dependant on your brand, clothing and apparel designs and ethos of your clothing company. There are many ways to style your garment photo shoot. We can walk this through with you and discover the best way forward to deliver the clothing photo shoot.

As clothing brands  all have different styles of garment photo shoots.But this is where our fashion photographer expertise comes in to select the right kind of photoshoot styling. As our team consists of fashion photographer and stylist. Therefore we know that if you have a Streetware style brand then potentially this would work better in an urban location.

But if you are an e-commerce brand that design and retail handbags then the photos would look better taken within our fashion photography studio on a white background.  As mentioned though we can guide you through the whole process.

What is involved in a fashion photo shoot?

It is important to prepare fully before any  lifestyle fashion photography shoot. From making sure your collection of garments or accessories are sorted. To making sure they are not creased or have imperfections. As this will show so much on camera.

After discussing with you prior to the shoot to determine the brief, we will draw up a specific storyboard and photograph list. We can arrange models, styling, hair and make up if required. And coordinate the shoot day with the relevant team required. 

Once we have photographed your garments will will advise you on the retouching time and image delivery.

How much does a fashion photoshoot cost?

We can discuss with you and ensure we have everything covered that you require for your shoot and image requirements.

The rate for fashion photographer is usually set at half day or full day.

And note for every hour  we spend in the studio creating the photographs, the same amount of time is needed for editing.

Rates will also differ if models, hair stylists, make up artists are required. 
But we are happy to  send you a full quote so you can see a breakdown of costs.

Still interested and want to chat to us about YOUR fashion product photography shoot?

Our fashion photographer and team can help you with your fashion shoot

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Fashion photographer Birmingham

Fashion photographer Birmingham

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