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Company portraits 


Company portraits are a great way of introducing clients to your work team. It gives a face to a name from whichever department your staff work in and helps to build trust. Whether your staff portraits are for a 'meet the team' section on the website or for ID cards, work permits, staff boards and social media, they can be a fundamental promotional tool for your business. 

TWorld Studio Commercial Photographers can cater for all your needs especially if you have many staff and need the staff portrait done at your premises. It showcases your staff with their Linkedin portraits- giving trust to your brand. Furthermore, whilst we are based in Lichfield in Staffordshire, we do also work on location around Birmingham, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and Cannock as well as throughout Staffordshire and the Midlands. 

Prices are on request and are charged per assignment and client requirements. 

When quoting we take into consideration
Set up/down costs (if required)
Shoot times
(please note for every hour we shoot can equally match the time we have to edit)
Travel costs.

For a guideline to our rates please check out our Terms & Conditions page


Company portraits
Company portraits
Company portraits
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Company portraits

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