What do you think about social media headshots?

Is video king? And are social media headshots a thing of the past?

Whatever your first thoughts about these two conflicting statements might be, I can almost guarantee the second statement isn’t true. Social media headshots are here to stay and their value should not be underestimated.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have video but video isn’t right for every business type. There are plenty of reasons why using videos instead of photos can be a bad idea. So I’ve put together my take on when you should use social media portraits and when you should use video instead.

social media headshots

Have you ever heard of social media head shots? 

The definition from Wikipedia: Social Media Headshots are professional photographs of individuals and groups uploaded to a range of social networks with the goal of enhancing personal branding type of photos and are a blend of a stock photo and face shot. They’re meant to promote awareness of a brand in a more personal way and are here to stay in the form of marketing your business direct to clients without social media, for example on websites and marketing brochures, business cards etc. 

With billions of pictures posted each day on the internet worldwide, you have to stay on top of your images to make sure you don’t miss out!
But clever trickery with apps like Splice and Capcut means you can create a slideshow video with stills photos to repurpose the Social Media Portraits and showcase your staff on your social media channels, which means you get a double whammy for the social media photos. 


After our analysis, we concluded that there is a place for both video and Social Media Portraits. It all depends on your marketing goals and also on your business type and whether you are confident enough to be on video. For more details about our Social Media Portraits for you and your staff, why not get in touch?