Commercial leather goods product shoot.

Mala Leather Product Shoot.

Over a number of years we have been privileged to work with a fabulous British brand that designs their own quality leather goods. Their collections are top quality with an ethos of being fresh, innovative and quirky. But one thing that strikes us is they certainly know how to bring style to the market.
Mala Leather are based in Tamworth Staffordshire and have a long established business. Their innovative designs are sold through various distributor outlets leaving the name Mala leather on every distributors lips who also want to retail a British handmade stylish luxurious brand.

An additional amazing feature is RFID. What is this I hear you say? Well in a day and age where we live in the digital contactless era. Safety is a paramount thing on all our minds. With ground breaking technology in Mala’s products RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is built into some of their designs. This allows the customer protection from un authorised contactless payment usages. I am sure you will agree this is a reason in itself to own a Mala leather purse or wallet.

As commercial photographers, it is our responsibility to ensure we convey the colours of the products correctly so clients know exactly what colour they are getting in spite of differences of monitors and phone screen calibrations. Shooting again on a white background to show off the goods to their full potentials. During the studio shoot we use an Octabox over head to ensure the light is balanced and filled to create the commercial lighting techniques. We also compose the shots to ensure we show any unique detailed features of the purses and wallets etc. During the editing process we ensure the white background is of the correct RGB for use on websites and e commerce platforms. We also cut the backgrounds out to give the high key feel.

Upon completion of of work in the studio and digital darkroom we deliver commercial images via digital download so our clients have all the images at their disposal. Mala Leather is now using these images for their e-commerce website, social media and marketing as well as their distributors look book catalogue.
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